32GB vs 64GB How much memory is "Needed"

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by feeddagoat, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Thanks Mela. Out of interest what other programs have you installed on it? Do all metro apps allow you to store data on sd card or does it vary from app to app the target location for file storage?
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    <<...a 32GB micro sd is £20 so MUCH cheaper than the 64GB model...>>

    ...I don't think anyone will argue that the OEM's charge a fairly outrageous amount for installed system mass storage. What you are really paying for in this scenario is speed; onboard RAM is much faster than an add-on SD card (in some cases, dramatically faster!). So it becomes a subjective issue. Are you willing to wait a few... or several... extra seconds? If so, this option is certainly the lower cost approach...
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    A bit of hope for all of us who have (or will have) 32GB Windows tablets:

    Microsoft Might Be Tweaking Windows 8.1.1 To Use Less Memory

    Recent comments by Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Marketing Tami Reller make it clear that great efforts are being made to reduce Windows' footprint, so the only question is whether this will be included in Windows 8.1.1 when it's released in April.
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    I hope that ends up being the case with the new update. It would definitely be a plus. Whether that happens or not, however, I will still be investing in a 64GB variation of the Asus VivoTab Note 8 that I plan on getting because I would rather have 128GB (64 internal + 64 SD) than 96GB (32 internal + 64 SD). I plan on doing light gaming and serious artwork on my device, so I'd rather wait. But that update...if we end up getting less memory usage, I will be a happy camper.
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    Personally I would wait for a 64GB option. But if the 64GB looked to take me over budget, and I was comfortable that the apps I needed to install wouldn't leave things too tight on the on board storage, I would go with 32GB + microSD. The only issue on your list I can see is Steam, but that can be overcome with the use of an SD card. You cannot install Steam to an external disk by default, but Windows has the ability to mount the SD card as a folder within the C:\ , negating this issue. However, there is a speed penalty here.
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    Yes, the RAM is much faster; in fact it's the fastest memory on a computer. It's also volatile. I think you meant eMMC (which is the 'normal' solid state storage used in tablets and phones). :rolleyes:

    As for 32GB or 64GB; I would always choose 64GB unless the price increase for it really was outrageous. I'd almost always pay for the larger storage. At smaller amounts such as this range I think it's not even worth going for the smaller option.

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