2730p vs Wacom?

Discussion in 'HP Elitebooks' started by Sayne7, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this topic has already been handled, but i couldn't find one that pertained to my specific dilemma.

    Anyway, I'm looking at getting an HP 2730p because I do a lot of digital art mostly with a program called Paint tool SAI.
    I am currently using a somewhat low-end Wacom Bamboo tablet (CTL-460) and I actually love it despite it being one of the lower-end models.

    I'm looking into getting a laptop to be able to draw away from home, and because my desktop is so horrible that I can't listen to music while I draw without every pen stroke causing the music to skip. How does a 2730p stack up against my Wacom overall? (feel, accuracy, pen limitations or interchangeability, etc.) I've heard the 2730p isn't nearly as good as some of the tablets that have a screen (ex. Cintiq), but is it better than my low-end one, or should I just go for a normal laptop and stick with my Bamboo CTL-460?
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    Hi Sayne7
    While I have no experience with the 2730p I do use an HP TC4400, like you I was using a very underpowered desktop with an older Wacom tablet and loved it despite it's limitations.
    Got my 4400 and never looked back, as an artist you will love drawing directly on the screen it's so much more natural.
    It will feel strange at first because you are used to not looking at your hand while working on the Bamboo but you quickly get used to it.
    As far as I know the 2730p has the same Wacom Digitizer in it as the 4400, so the experience should be the same as I'm getting, as in - No lag whatsoever (mine has a 2gb chip with 2gb memory) I've seen the new standalone Cintiq being used on youtube and strangely that did seem to lag, never had that problem with the 4400.
    The screen will feel small to you at first, again you get used to it, think about the small space you draw in on the Bamboo, this is four times that size but obviously you will be used to looking at a large monitor.The accuracy is superb you won't lose any accuracy that you had with the Bamboo.
    Okay you don't get the same amount of pressure levels as a Cintiq or the ability to angle the pen to change stroke style but having never used a Cintiq personally that does not bother me.
    To me the ability to sit in a comfy chair and just have the one device like a rather heavy sketchpad rather than have to sit at a desk is wonderful.
    The only limitations I find with the HP pen that came with mine is it is a bit small and thin and the button is flush with the body so right clicking isnt easy.
    I got myself from Ebay an Axiotron penabled art pen that is much more like a Wacom pen, it's nice and fat with a rubber grip and a proper button you can feel with your finger tip while working and it's a massive improvement,I never use the original pen but could learn to cope with it if I had to.
    Unfortunately you can't seem to get these pens new anywhere now, not sure why, mine cost about £35 direct from the states via Ebay and is worth every penny.
    Only thing i've seen lately on Ebay is a 'Wacom Eraser Stylus Wireless Pen UP710E FOR PENABLED TABLET' which is a full length pen but doesn't have the curves or rubber grip of the Axiotron. Heard someone mention once on this forum that a Motion computing tablet pen will also work.
    One problem I have had is for some reason I can't get a jitter free line in Photoshop, it's not awful but it's not great, Sketchbook pro and Manga Studio 5 are perfect flawless lines and curves just like real pen on paper (in fact smoother as you can set a small amount of correction in Manga) Photoshop was my go to program on desktop and I invested a lot of time getting to know it but Manga and Sketchbook beat it hands down for art and are very cheap very resource light programs that won't bog down your system.
    I think Paint tool sai is similar to Manga and Sketchbook so you should have no problems.
    Anyway sorry for the essay but I remember when I was in your position and every scrap of info is useful.
    Im not on the forum much but if you have more questions i'll try to check back and there are lots of much more knowledgeable folks on here that are very willing to help if you are patient and keep asking.
    I say go for it, tablets are great for art, the only drawback being you will start desiring better faster ones and will drool like pavlov's dog at the mention of the latest Wacom Cintiq.
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    Hi Dave4400,

    I just bought my son a TC4400. Pretty cool laptop!

    But, I can't get it to do pressure sensitivity, can you please help me?

    I have Windows 7 Pro installed.

    Thank you!!!

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