2730p pen input lag on Windows 10

Discussion in 'HP Elitebooks' started by jvallino, Mar 21, 2016.

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    I have an EliteBook 2730p that I updated to Windows 10. Everything works OK except for stylus input which only works immediately after installation of the Wacom driver. I got the latest Wacom Windows 10 driver for the Tablet PC and the operation is the same with it and the previous version of the driver. After installing the newest driver or rolling back to the previous version, the pen cursor is very responsive to pen motion and I can use pen input for writing and all other input activities. I can switch to different accounts and do a restart, and the pen continues to work great. The problem is after a power cycle. After coming back from a full shutdown, the cursor has a large inertial lag with respect to the pen making it unusable for any written input. At this point, it is just useful for pulling down menus and doing clicks. Install the latest driver, or rollback to the previous version depending on which one was in use, and the pen becomes fully responsive again until the next full power down.

    Short of keeping my laptop running all the time :), does anyone have a suggestion for how to fix this?
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