2008 Tablet PC Holiday Buyer's Guide

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    Withthe holiday shopping season underway, shoppers who are looking for Tablet PCs are in luck. There are more tablets than ever before that are geared toward people with many different needs and interests. Whether you're a student who needs a tablet that is great for note-taking and fits in a small backpack for school, a standard consumer just looking to see what tablets offer that is affordable and entertaining, or a business professionalneeding a rugged yet portable solution, this guide will point you in the right direction.


    Many new models were announced over the back-to-school season and within the last month that are just coming onto the market. In addition, there are many excellenttablets that were released earlier this year whose prices have come way down and are great bargains. You can find some of the tablets in this guide with prices ranging from less than $1,000 to many thousands of dollars. Obviously, higher priced tablets have better build quality and better performance, but low-priced computers provide an excellent value for young students and adults who don't need high performance and just want to stay connected.

    This guide will coverthree different classes of Tablet PCs that include– education, general use/mainstream, and business. All these tablet classes offer specific needs to cater to each individual user. Eachtablet class contains recommendations within different price ranges. Our goal is to help you find the Tablet PCthat will make the perfect holiday gift for family, friends and last, but not least, for yourself.

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