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    Hey guys ive just got myself a lifebook stylus for a fujitsu t5010. I wanted to bind the panning hand to the second button. I have achieved this by binding the quick access keystroke to my digitizer puck. The problem is that after my panning is done i still have to use the toolbars/ribbon to go back to inking. I'd like for inking to return when i lift off the digitizer puck.

    Is there a way to bind a second keystroke to releasing the digitizer puck?
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    You might want to try Stroke It. Stroke It is a free gesture based program that lets you program key-based commands (and other commands) to pen gestures you do while holding a button. It's program specific too, which is nice. What I would do is keep your right-click like normal, but use your secondary button to activate Stroke It commands. For example, swipe to the right while holding the 2nd button could equal toggling the eraser tool on. Then you could program a swipe to left with the upper button clicked to equal activating the pen. That sort of thing. I'm not sure how it works with One Note, and if one note has key-based shortcuts for these tool commands, but if it does they could be a good match to use together.

    Try it out. I use it all the time with my art programs. There's a little learning curve to set stuff up, but it's well worth it, IMO.

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