13"+ hybrid w/digitizer pen?

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by HFstudent, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Short verison: grad student looking for a 13"+ hybrid suitable for note-taking (text, figures).

    I listed the specs below in a shortened format for easy reading:

    Budget: Up to $1,800.
    Form: Hybrid preferred (like the option to detach); convertible okay if it's the only option to match these specs.
    Size: 13"+
    Buying in the US
    3+ hours battery life
    Primary usage: note-taking (I'm a grad student); web surfing; streaming
    OS: Windows 8
    Software: Microsoft Office
    Stream to home theater: nice but not necessary.

    Required: pen with pressure sensitivity; no preference on WACOM/N-trig

    Hard Drive: 300G+
    Memory: 4G+

    I've been researching on my own but have come up with nothing. I was very excited for the Asus TransformerBook, but then I found it had no digitzer...is it possible it would still be suitable for taking notes in whatever more primitive writing support it would offer with the touchscreen capability?

    If nothing matches these specs, I've been wondering whether I should wait a year for new models, or possibly give up and buy a Slate with digitizer and a simple 14"/15" laptop, and then sync them regularly. Some tell me it would also be cheaper budget-wise. If any of you have advice on what combination would work for the slate+laptop option, and how I could painlessly sync both, I'd be happy to hear!

    Thanks in advance.
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    My understanding is that

    a) there are no 13" hybrids available, although there is the t902, which is a powerful new convertible
    b) you can't use a laptop and a slate and sync them the way you are thinking of doing. Many people have discussed it here before, but you can only run the digitizer through the cpu it is linked to in the device in which it is housed.
    c) iCore hybrids are running 11.6" right now for screen size.
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    The ASUS Taichi is available as both 11.6" or 13" Ultrabook form factor, in laptop mode it would work just like their Zen Ultrabook UX31, but the laptop cover has a n-trig digitizer/10 finger multi-touch panel to use as a tablet. Both screens are 1080p...

    All of the detachable Ultrabooks that have digitizers are 11.6", The ASUS Transformer Book will be available in 11.6", 13" and 14", all are 1080p but these do not have digitizers (only touch).

    Outside of that you're looking at the Fujitsu T902 for a 13" Active Digitizer enabled Convertible...
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    This may sound like an oddball question, but I have a nice old Fujitsu 4220 with the higher resolution. It only works with a Pen, no touch and I love that about it. Simply because it is so easy to take notes and rest your hand on the display without it being interpreted as touch. Is this type of system even made today?
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    I was playing around with a Samsung Series 7 tablet, and I was able to could turn off the capacitive touch (finger recognition) and thus make it pen-input only. Since this is done through the basic Windows settings under the mouse and pointer controls, I would imagine it should be possible on any Windows-based tablet with minor differences depending on the drivers.

    There are also, for some tablets, little open-source widgets which allow you to turn off and on finger touch with an on-screen button. I think they're written in AutoHotKey, which means they'd probably be specific to a given model, but it's not difficult to modify AutoHotKey programs so that they work specifically with your hardware/software. I'm sure you could find advice here on how to do it.

    In any case, I don't think it's an insurmountable problem.

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