Locked Fujitsu Lifebook T901. Need help :(

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    Default Locked Fujitsu Lifebook T901. Need help :(

    Hey Guys,

    im new on this forum. Before I start: Iīm german also sorry for my bad english ;-)

    My father buyed a Fujitsu Lifebook T901 with TPM Chip.
    In my opinion he has locked the notebook/tablet.

    When I start the device it shows no Display. Only the "key-LED" is lightning.
    I can enter a pin-code with the tablet-Keys: 1-4 & ENTER.

    But my dad donīt know the pin-code.

    Can I reset this code? The fujitsu hotline cannot help me but I think this are idiots.

    Thanks for your help. :-)

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    Default Re: Locked Fujitsu Lifebook T901. Need help :(

    You won't be able to fix it yourself, only Fujitsu can but it will cost some money to remove the key, luckily, else the whole security system would be useless

    Your father must have run the 'Security Panel Application' in Windows, a Fujitsu Tool which allows you to set a system password which you have to enter with the buttons you mentioned. Something like:
    Name:  fuj_sec.JPG
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    Show him this picture, maybe he remembers the application and remembers what combination he selected.

    Also remember, that you can press several buttons at the same time, so like button 1 and 3 simultaneously.
    So maybe he just entered a combination like:
    1-1-1-1-Enter or
    1&2&3&4-1&2&3&4-1&2&3&4-1&2&3&4-Enter or
    1-Enter or

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    Default Re: Locked Fujitsu Lifebook T901. Need help :(


    thank you for your help.

    Unfortanaly your solution didnīt work. The notebook is now on the way to Fujitsu. :-)

    Thank you very much.



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