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    Quote Originally Posted by elintripido View Post
    I'm an academic too and my life is so much easier since I use Mendeley!!

    Mendeley is a free software that lets you edit, highlight, introduce notes etc into your pdf files. But, it also creates a bibliographic database automatically by extracting the metadata from your pdf's AND, has a plugin for Word or OpenOffice so you can generate bibliographies for your papers.

    I think in a few years we all will use Mendeley or other reference managers will just copy what Mendeley does right now.

    Download it at Academic reference management software for researchers | Mendeley

    Hope you like it!! Daniel.
    Just wanted to say thanks for bringing this software up! I wish I would have known about it in grad school. Regardless, it's going to make my article organization so much easier, and I love that I can just right click to get my references.

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    I use PDF annotator in my legal practice to mark-up draft documents, etc. The program gets an "A" from me. I also use it for presentations, marking up photos, maps and the like. As a bonus, it works great for executing documents remotely while traveling. I use blue ink for signing and have never had anyone question the signature, even though it is electronic.
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