Ink Flash Card x64, .NET Framework

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    Default Ink Flash Card x64, .NET Framework

    Hey, I'm trying to get Microsoft Ink Flash Cards to work on my brand spanking new TM2 which runs Windows 7 x64.

    After looking around I manage to extract file out and clicked .exe and get this error

    "To run Ink Flash Cards, Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later must be installed on your Tablet PC".

    It seems people have got it working on x64 but I can't figure out how to get past Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 issue.

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    Default Re: Ink Flash Card x64, .NET Framework

    I recently had the same error on another program. That error also had a file it listed as needed. I found that file in the programs directory and put it in the system32 folder and the program worked.

    So, it may be a similar issue with your install and it is missing the correct file in the .net directory.

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    Default Re: Ink Flash Card x64, .NET Framework

    Have you tired installing .NET Framework 1.1?

    I believe .NET 3.5 is built into 7 from default but it's only backward compatible with 2.0 and 3.0, thus for programs calling on 1.1 functions you still need to install it.

    .NET 1.1:

    .NET 1.1 SP1:

    Install instructions:

    Please report back on your success (or not).



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