some little software issues with my tc4200

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    Unhappy some little software issues with my tc4200

    I finally got the digitizer working on my tablet, yay! However I've noticed couple things amiss:

    1. Isn't there supposed to be some little hand writing recognition thing on these tablets for text input? There doesn't seem to be anything like that installed.

    2. when I rotate the desktop (not the physical screen) through the graphics options, the digitizer doesn't get recognize the rotation. For example, when i tap the screen it clicks where it should if it wasn't rotated. sorry if this is a little hard to understand, Ill make a graphic if no one gets what I'm talking about.

    3. There are 3 'buttons' on the bezel just under the screen, (there not phyical buttons, I cant press them) So I figure their for use with the pen, however they don't seem the work. I'm thinking driver issue, but I'm not sure.

    this might be caused by issue 4

    4. whenever I try to install HP Quick Launch Buttons driver I get the following Error Message:

    Unhandled Exception
    Error Number: 0x80040707
    Description: DLL function call crashed: HPQNT.hpqIsHpFamily
    Setup will now terminate

    Now the probable root cause to all these issues is that it appers that the previous owner wiped the drive and did a very striped down install of windows XP TE. No drivers or anything, heck, I'm even missing paint and solitaire.
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    Default Re: some little software issues with my tc4200

    1.) Can you go to the Task Manager (Right click the taskbar, click Task Manager) and see if TabTip.exe or TabletService.exe is in the "Processes" tab?

    See if you can go to: Start -> Run -> Type in: services.msc
    Then click OK, and see if the TabletService is listed there, if it is, check if the service has started or not. To do this, double click the entry and make sure that the drop down list is set to Automatic, and the button "Stop" button isn't grayed out; if the "Stop" button is grayed out, click the "Start" button. Click Apply and/or OK.

    If you don't see anything from the two methods I've listed, then you probably have a version of Windows other than Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, or Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate Editions.

    2.) That's odd, did you install the latest Wacom Enhanced Graphic Driver?


    By the way, for the above two: did these two functions work properly when you received the unit, or was it like this upon receiving it? How long ago did it used to work? Did you install anything that would probably inhibit these functions between the time you received the unit until the problems came up?


    3.) There should be a driver at for these "Quick Launch" buttons.

    4.) That could be the very root of your problem, did the previous owner provide restore disks? If not, chances are slim that HP will provide recovery disks for you. There are, however, few third party retailers who sell Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.
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    Default Re: some little software issues with my tc4200

    hi, the tablet services is started and set to automatic, however I don't have TabTip.exe or TabletService.exe listed under Processes. I do have a tablet.exe and TabuserW.exe though

    I don't have the latest driver currently installed because it doesn't work, the only driver I found to work was one from HP

    the quick launch buttons driver gives me the before mentioned error on install

    I'm really starting to think that what i need is to find some proper restore disks. hardly anything worked when I got it as there were no drivers installed. It looks as though the previous user simply wiped the drive, including the hidden restore partition, and did a bare minimum install of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

    I would think there should at least be a place online with iso images of the restore disks or something



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