The sheer success of the Angry Birds franchise rivals that of any video game past. It’s wide appeal to both serious gamers and those looking for a quick time waster rivals that of any other video game to date, including Pac-Man.

Okay, let’s clarify that last statement. Rovio has not reinvented the wheel, but Angry Birds Space accomplishes something that few mobile game developers ever succeed at: delivering a totally reinvented and vastly improved version of the original product that took the world by storm.

How they did it is even more impressive – by involving NASA. Littered throughout the game are external links to NASA educational content, and It seems the NASA scientists advised the good folks at Rovio on gravitational physics and other space matters.

You’ve got to admit that the involvement of the organization that put a couple of guys named Neal and Buzz on the moon is a pretty big coup. Of course, it does make you wonder why NASA doesn’t have more important things to do, but that aside, it’s still in the realm of awesome.

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