There are hundreds of off-brand and budget Android tablets on the market. They typically cost less than the brand name alternatives, but that’s usually because they are awful by comparison, with dull and unresponsive displays, underpowered processors, and lousy designs. Many run Android Gingerbread, which was designed for smartphones, and almost none have the stock Google apps and access to the Google Android Market (only Google-sanctioned devices receive that honor).

The team at TabletPCReview typically ignores such devices, but every so often we like to check in on the budget Android tablet market to see what the knockoff makers are offering. Could there actually be any decent offerings? And in the new tablet market in which brand name tablets from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lenovo and soon ASUS are launching for $250 and less, can buget Android tablet makers remain relevant?

Android budget Android tablet is the Vital ASC Club-ST1010 from the American Sunrex Corporation, which is based in Taiwan and builds in China, but has offices in America. Priced at $259.99, it’s not exactly cheap – and there are brand name alternatives that cost less. But does it deliver in the all-important bang-per-buck ratio, or is this just another case of “You get what you pay for”? Hint: it’s one of those two.

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