Update (3): Here is our full iPad 3rd Generation review.


Update (2): The new Apple iPad is here! Read all about it: The 'New Apple iPad' Official

Also, check out our Apple iPad 2 vs 'New' Apple iPad comparison.


Update: Apple has announced an iPad event scheduled for March 7. We have updated this page with the latest rumors leading up to the launch. We have also published the official TabletPCReview iPad HD/iPad 3 prediction based on the latest intel.


All eyes are on Apple as it is expected and rumored to announce the iPad 3 in the coming months will host an event on March 7 in San Francisco to announce what is likely the next-generation iPad. While the notoriously secretive company has given no formal indication that it plans to announce its next iPad in February or March, the pictures don't lie. Also, we are nearing the one-year anniversary of the iPad 2 launch, and two-year of the original iPad announcement. In addition, component suppliers and manufacturing partners in Asia are leaking details, and according to reports have begun ramping up production of the iPad 3.

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