Using Surface RT for School (Adobe Issues)..

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    Default Using Surface RT for School (Adobe Issues)..

    So, I got the Surface Pro for myself and I got the RT for my girlfriend. She has been wanting one for school for a little while now and out of all the tablets, I figured the best one for school would be the Surfaced RT. I figured this because the RT came preinstalled with some form of Adobe Flash (as opposed to Android or iOS, which support no type of flash for the most part), and because it came with pre-installed office software (which is BS that my pro did not come with a non-trial version of office).

    The first (and only) issue (so far, but is major) she gave me was that she could not open a PDF that her teacher had posted for the students to download and use. The class is microbiology; and is purely online. The class does not meet up in a physical institution at any point during the semester (to which I disagree with, but whatever). So... she relies on these PDF files for learning. Thus far, she has been using her laptop which she cannot bring to work. So regarding her tablet issue, I was confident it could be fixed easily. First thing I did was open the downloaded PDF using the existing (preinstalled) PDF reader. The result is that it showed up as one blank page. I downloaded "Adobe Touch Reader" from the W8 market. Same result. After hours and hours and hours of troubleshooting and not taking no for an answer, I finally went to bed understanding that her type of document was not supported at this time with regard to windows RT.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has issues like this with RT? Or if anyone has other ideas about better (more well-suited) tablets that can handle these Adobe tasks. Like I said, the teacher uses Adobe Presenter to create the PDF's embedded with flash video. If I could extract the video(s) from the PDF in a way that my girlfriend could use it, that would be fantastic, but I don't know how.

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    Default Re: Using Surface RT for School (Adobe Issues)..

    There is a thread in the Software Area for Windows 8 that outlines PDF viewing and markup tools that are available in the MS Store that should be able to work on the RT.

    She also may be able to install a PDF viewer that can then print to OneNote. Once in OneNote she can then mark up and save the notes in the virtual file cabinet that OneNote represents. To send the documents back she may be able to save them back as a PDF and then send them via email. I am not sure, however, as I am not familiar with the RT version of Office 2013 and even if it has OneNote as part of it (I think it does). MS was supposed to release an update for the Office 2013 version in the RT that would bring full functionality to the software; you may need to install the patch first.

    For your Pro you are not limited to what is in the Store; you can use any number of PDF viewing and markup packages. My favorite is PDF Annotator. Since this is a desktop application and not a Store App it will not work on the Surface RT.
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    Default Re: Using Surface RT for School (Adobe Issues)..

    Hi, any resolve with the surface RT or the use of another tablet?

    Having the exactly same problem with distance learning and downloading lectures... Heeellpppp!!!





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