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Jul 2, 2017
    1. Edgar Ruiz
      Edgar Ruiz
      Hi ! Could you please give me a link for the tpt2 usb recovery image.. I would really appreciate it!
    2. caio cesar queiroz
      caio cesar queiroz
      Hello Rench.. Man i´m facing problems to reinstall windows 8 on THINK PAD TABLET. could you help me please man? I Cant boot this tablet by USB, i need the dock rigth? after connect usb drive to dock.. what i need to do ? Many thanks in skype is ccesar.qp and my email is
    3. Me.Marc
      Hello Rench, would You be so kind and upload/send me a link to a recovery image ISO for tp2 32 gb/32 bit win 8 pro version? my mail - if need.

      Best Regards from Poland

    4. Nicolb21
      Hi Rench, Could you send a link for the Genuine Thinkpad tablet 2 OS. Mine is 64gb edition.. Many thanks.
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    5. Whare
      Hi Rench, when you have a chance please can you send thru the iso image to reset a TP2 32gb edition. Many thanks
    6. Whare
      Hi Rench, new to the forum not sure if my last message made it to you. Please could you send a link to the iso image to, I'd like to reset a TP2 32gb edition. Many thanks.
      Hi Rench, my email has been down for a couple of days, its backup, hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
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