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Jul 2, 2017
    1. Wes
      Hi Rench

      Same issue... I cannot boot from my lenovo recovery usb with thinkpad tablet 2. It says recovery failed. My email is Can you please help me out. I've tried to change boot order and disable secure boot as well. Not working :(


    2. ckill3
      Like all these other people, I screwed up my TPT2, I don't know much about how the software differs, but I have the 64gb wacom (367927U). Any help would be awesome. Thank you for any time you can give. I lost my drivers in the process just like sougata tikader...
    3. sougata tikader
      sougata tikader
      Hey !!! I need lenovo thinkpad tablet 2 original Os can you please send me it... i'd very glad if u do so.. actually after clean installing windows i've lost my touch, sound, wifi, camera everything.. nothing working... is there any solution?? thanks
      my mail:
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      2. ckill3
        This same thing just happened to me. Did you find a solution?
        Dec 13, 2016
    4. coolie15
      Rench, are you still able to share TPT2 restore files? I'm stuck with a bricked tablet. Thanks for your help!
    5. miskit amura
      miskit amura
      hello Rench, i lost my recovery image of my TPT2 so i can't restore it. Can you please send me a copy of the TPT2 iso?
      This is my email addres:
      I would be grateful for your help. Thank you!:)
    6. Shaun Capers
      Shaun Capers
      Hi Rench, i'm having trouble withmy tpt2 and was wondering if you could send lor recovery all i am ettin is the tp seup and my boot only includes the cd/dvdption does that mean i will hav eto reload via disks and thanks you can responto me at caperman376 at yah. thanks
    7. Fuzzyreets
    8. flexomonkey
      Hey Rench can you please hook me up with a copy of the TPT2 ISO? Thank you very much.
    9. MyLenovoTablet2isDead
      Hi Rench, could you please share the tpt2 usb recovery image, my email:
      thanks a lot

      regards, Alex
    10. Edgar Ruiz
      Edgar Ruiz
      Hi ! Could you please give me a link for the tpt2 usb recovery image.. I would really appreciate it!
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