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    1. zany08
      Hi. I read on one of the threads that you own a samsung galaxy book 12 for which you were having issues with discharging while on charge and slow charging. I was wondering what the specs of the charger you were using. I know the specs of the charger is 2.1 A and 12V.I am considering ordering a samsung 25 watt charger.
      Any help would be really appreciated, Thank you!!
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      2. zany08
        I actually don't have the original charger and about to order the original charger online.
        Are you recommending buying a different charger? I bought and anker charger with quick charge and that still doesn't charge it properly so I think the device needs the original charger.
        Do you recommend a specific charger?
        Apr 13, 2020
      3. LeoZappa
        "Quick charge" is different from "Adaptive Fast Charging" and from "USB Power Delivery"
        I don't have any specific charger in my mind, but know that my wife's 2017 macbook charger works flawlessy on my GB12. It supports USB Power Delivery at 14.5V, 2.0 A = 29W. It's probably too expensive though.
        Apr 14, 2020
      4. zany08
        SO i got the samsung adaptive charger specifically 2.1A and its working great!!!
        I thought I was going to have to let this device go because of not having a proper charger. Thank you for all your help!!!
        May 6, 2020
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