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Owner of a TabletPC Museum, Male, from Metro Detroit

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Driving my new 8" touchscrren (attached to my 50th Anniversary Mustang!) Apr 15, 2015

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    1. dceggert
      Driving my new 8" touchscrren (attached to my 50th Anniversary Mustang!)
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    Metro Detroit
    Techno addict - how long have I had this one already? Gosh, time for another?

    The 'museum' contents:
    * HP TC1100 with dock, case, clip on keyboard, and pen. Still works; has Win 8 on it...all 2 hours of battery life of it
    * HP 2730P with 2nd battery and pen
    * Fujitsu T730 and pen
    * Fuiitsu Q550 with desktop dock and pen
    * Fujitsu T580 and pen
    * Fujitsu Q702, keyboard, and pen
    * Dell Venue 8 Pro; with A0, A1, A2, and A3 pens; homemade desktop dock; USB splitter cable
    * Elitepad 900
    * Second Elitepad 900
    * Elitepad 1000 with desktop dock, expansion sleeve (with aux battery), productivity sleeve, every cover you can imagine, USB2 dongle, USB3 dongle (all accessories also work with the Elitepad 900, except the USB3 dongle)
    * Lenovo Helix 1 with keyboard, a bunch of pens, mini-displayport dongle(s)
    * Fujitsu Q584 with keyboard and pen
    * Microsoft Surface 3 with desktop dock - use on my sailboat as a chartplotter - will be replaced with the Surface Go
    * HP Elite X2 1012
    * Surface Go on order to be a more portable companion to the X2

    The longest one in continuous use - HP X2 1012 G1, 3 years
    Shortest in use - Fujitsu Q584 at 1 month - gosh am I glad I did not pay full price for this; my last Fujitsu...they have lost their way!
    - Elitepad 1000, in use for 2 years; if counting the Elitepad 900 as well I have used the Elitepad 'system' 2.5 years. I have actually picked the EP1000 back up instead of the Surface 3 after using the Surface for about 4 months. Why? Better battery life, screen rotation is quicker, pen and touch input is better, and (with the jacket) I have (2) USB ports and HDMI out. I do miss the 128 GB storage and the kickstand however.
    Happy thought - only the Venue 8 Pro, Elitepad 1000, Surface 3, HP Elite X2 1012, and Q550 were bought new (also the now on order Surface Go), everything else was either refurbished or used. Look at all the money I saved? Yea, right...
    What has grabbed my Attention - HP Elite X2 1012 with the m7 CPU and 512 GB SSD.
    Ideal Machine - 8.5"-9" slate with 4:3, 3:2, or 16:10 aspect ratio (in that preferred order), video out connector, (2) USB ports, digitizer and pen, and a desktop dock. Core M or better CPU and a real 10 hours of battery runtime.



    I have now listed the contents of my TabletPC museum under the Information tab...
    Presently using my old Surface 3 but my Surface Pro-X has arrived.