X201 - Reduced price?

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    Default X201 - Reduced price?

    ...Apparently. UK. (Or is he pulling my chain)

    Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet 3113 3113WNE | Insight UK

    My insight account manager called to say that Lenovo are getting rid so the price has fallen... You'll probably have to have an account with insight but I'm sure if you hassled the sale person enough (Takes a closer look and notices that it's probably NOT the touch enabled version so stylus only)

    I'd consider one but i have the 7 slate on the way
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    Default Re: X201 - Reduced price?

    I've seen this x201 3113 series at a reduced price elsewhere but suspect they are not multi-touch.

    Don't know because the info offered does not specify one way or another and likely depends upon the lenovo site info: which does not specify either. I've asked their help-desk at lenovo and they don't know!


    Still looking for a good multitouch, pen input, pc...

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    Default Re: X201 - Reduced price?

    Mine is the 3113-AH6 which is with an outdoor screen. (No multitouch)

    Ask for the serial number.
    Lenovo Support - Parts Lookup (CY)
    ThinkPad x230 tablet: Multi touch, Intel Centrino 6205, Samsung 840 256gb SSD
    ThinkPad x201 tablet: Outdoor screen, Gobi 2000 (3G, GPS), Intel Centrino 6300, Samsung 128gb SSD

    The performance of an Outdoor Display
    TN and PVA panel comparison (HP tx2500 vs Lenovo x201t)

    How to calibrate the x201t and x200t.



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