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    Default TM2 Issues & Fixes

    Important Notes:

    For those of you considering a clean install:
    Please backup your SWSETUP Folder it contains all the relevant drivers and software that comes preinstalled on your machine. The discs must be either DVD-R, or DVD+R. Do not use DVD-R/W read/write type or dual layer discs because the creation process will fail. Instructions here
    Quote Originally Posted by rfadream View Post
    if you back up your hp recovery partition to dvd or usb. and then delete your hp recovery partition on your hard drive, running the recovery off the dvds at a a later time will restore the original backup partition on your hard drive.

    (mind you factory fresh recovery off dvds is like 3 hours versus 45min off hard drive)

    TM2 Issues & Fixes

    Issue #1 Vectoring
    Hands activating other onscreen items while inking.

    Move taskbar to left, right or top of screen or enable autohide.
    Use Touch Control to toggle touch on & off when inking (link)

    Issue #2 Auto-rotate
    Screen will not autorotate, doesn't obey settings in Tablet Orientation Settings always follows default rotation even when order changed.

    Quote Originally Posted by doublea View Post
    I did a clean install with Windows 7 Professional (from the Windows 7 Home Premium that came with the laptop).

    For auto-rotation:

    If you grab the MVSCActn.dll from earlier versions of the HP Quick Launch Buttons installations (for instance, version L from this SoftPaq or version from this direct download) and replace the new version in the Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons folder, you can get the screen to auto-rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Personally, I preferred the 180 degree auto-rotation of the tx2z because it didn't interrupt games like Microsoft Blackboard, Crayon Physics, or the TouchSmart software. If anyone knows which version of MVSCActn.dll (or which HP Quick Launch Buttons SoftPaq it belonged to) had 180 degree auto-rotation, let me know.

    For those of you who install from a SoftPaq, you have to uninstall any version of the HP Quick Launch Buttons you have installed, install the one from the SoftPaq, copy the MVSCActn.dll file to somewhere else, uninstall the HP Quick Launch Buttons older version you just installed, reinstall the latest version, and then replace the MVSCActn.dll file with the one you copied. There may be a simpler way, but this way has always worked for me.
    MVSCActn.dll (older file) - From User MeatLocker

    Rotation Shortcuts
    (From User E1000)
    1st - Crtl + Alt + down ( + up to reflip)

    2nd - On desktop right click -> graphics options -> rotate

    Issue #3 Access to Brightness & Volume settings in Slate Mode
    Potential Fix
    Pin Windows Mobility Center to the taskbar. (Brought up by Windows Key +X in Vista or Windows 7)

    Issue #4 Rotate Button doesn't respond
    Reinstall Quick Launch Button from SWSETUP folder or from HP TM2 Driver Site (direct link to QLB drivers):

    Issue #5 180 degree rotation
    Quote Originally Posted by Meatlocker View Post
    180 degree rotation fix found. It will require that you 'update' to the older Quick Launch Buttons driver. The registry change will start your orientation in Secondary Landscape (which it the easiest way to use this tablet).

    Open RegEdit and go to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\Schemes\Default\8526

    These are the two values that are important:

    Notebook_Docked_DisplayOrientation = 0
    Tablet_UnDocked_DisplayOrientation = 3

    The options are:

    0 - primary landscape
    1 - seconday portrait
    2 - seconday landscape
    3 - primary portrait

    I changed the second value (Tablet Undocked Display Orientation) to 2, exited RegEdit, and rebooted. Now when I go to tablet, my display rotates 180 degrees automatically.

    Issue #6 Calibration
    For Pen (Taken From)
    If calibration is an issue for your stylus you must calibrate after temporarily turning off touch input – Go to the Device Manager [control panel (classic view)-system-hardware tab – Device Manager]. Go to the "human interface devices"...scroll to "touch panel driver". Right-click on it and select "Disable" in the context menu. Don’t close out the Device'll come back to it in a second.

    Calibrate your stylus.

    Go back to the Device Manager window, right-click on "touch panel driver" again and enable. Close everything.
    For Touch
    Quote Originally Posted by user dant on GottabeMobile
    open the Run line (Windows key + R) and type "Tabcal novalidate" and hit enter.
    This will run the calibration tool with validation turned off and should allow you to calibrate.

    Other Important Resources
    TM2 User Manual
    TM2 Drivers
    HP Version of Wacom Drivers for Touch & Pen

    Issue #7 WiFi
    Wifi not installing with drivers after a clean install of Windows 7.

    X64 Drivers

    Issue #8 Touchscreen
    Touchscreen goes to sleep and take a few seconds to respond.

    Quote Originally Posted by john123 View Post
    I found a fix for this issue. You have to go to device manager (start > run > devmgmt.msc), expand the human interface devices category, right click the first USB input device, goto properties, goto the power management tab, and uncheck "turn off this device to save power". This completely fixed the issue for me.

    Issue #9 Video Corruption/ Tearing
    Turn of VT in the bios taken from here

    Issue #10 Fingerprint reader not detected @ login
    Quote Originally Posted by Dewi View Post
    Try unchecking the "Allow the computer to turn off this device" box under the Power Management properties tab found in Device Manager>Biometric Devices>Validity Sensor.

    Issue #11 dead spots on the screen while inking
    Odd Pen Issue
    Quote Originally Posted by heatlesssun View Post
    There a couple of small spots on the screen where if I'm inking in OneNote or Windows Journal the little ink dot will change to the pen cursor and inking stops. Just a couple of spots in secondary portrait mode. If I'm using the TIP however everything is just fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeKe View Post
    Well, I just had the same problem. I spent hours of recalibrating and reinstalling and then...


    I tried to kill every single running Task in Task Mangager and found the guilty one!!!
    It's the damn HP Wireless Assistant, you know this tool that says "Bluetooth on" and "WLAN on" when WLAN is turned on. It seems as if it minimzies onto this little spot on the left. You can also see this when you click on the spot because then it opens a drop-down menu which says things like "Close", "Maximize" and so on...
    After banning the programm from autostart (--> msconfig) OneNote went just fine

    HP, what a shame!!!

    Hope it works for you, too!

    Btw, the spot occured also in first portrait mode for me...

    Issue #12 Touchscreen & Pen Stop working

    Fix: Update to the latest bios & turn off switchable graphics

    Quote Originally Posted by tscottmommy View Post
    right click on your desktop and select "configure switchable graphics" (you can also reach this by right clicking the ATI logo in your notifications area next to the clock). Once there, choose which graphics processor you prefer to keep it on and make sure that the option to automatically select power saving GPU is deselected. If at any time you wish to switch again, you can do so manually by simply selecting the other GPU on that screen.
    Issue #13 Problems starting up after standby

    Fix: Update Soundcard Drivers

    Issue #14 Disappearing Wireless Module
    No Fix Currently

    Issue #15 Switchable Graphics, Rotation & Touch
    Fix Below

    Quote Originally Posted by Voidward View Post
    Switch to Intel
    Go to Tablet PC Settings, press setup.
    Don't select pen or touch yet.
    Switch to ATI.
    Select pen, tap the screen with the pen, press enter.
    Switch back to Intel
    Press setup, don't touch the options again.
    Switch to ATI.
    Select touch, tap the screen with your finger, press enter.
    Switch to Intel.

    Issue #16 Cursor Jittering/Random Motions
    No Fix Currently

    This post will be continually updated. For any relevant posts that you think need to be added, send me a PM.
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