The tx1000 & tx2000 machines suffer from a manufacturer defect of the nvidia chipset/graphics card. The sustained heating & cooling leads to deterioration of the components & their subsequent failure.

Though HP has Limited Warranty Service Enhancement available for other machines using this chipset, to date HP has not included the tx1000/2000 line.

If you experience any of the following issues, please be sure to contact HP technical support and make them aware of any issues you are experiencing and have it repaired.

Several users have had their machines fail just after the 1 yr warranty expiration and thus are not able to have their machines repaired via warranty service, and have to pay to have the motherboard replaced which generally costs about $500.

Just as an informational point, the machines come with 1yr limited warranty, it can be extended through HP directly if you so choose.

The Following issues have been reported throughout the forum:

Wifi Issues:
TX1320us wireless problem
HP Limited Waranty Service Enhancement (Product Recall)
WiFi not loading up at ALL!!!
Wireless network switch
Warning: HP Support
Wireless Issue
TX1000 Bluetooth/WiFi problems after hibernate
TX1340ea wireless issue
Wireless Dead on TX1000, need pressurization...Time to buy?
Warning to tx1000/2000 users.

Fingerprint Reader Issues:
tx2000 w/ fingerprint reader not working?
AuthenTec AES1610 not working anymore.
My fingerprint reader has completely disappeared.
TX 1250eg Fingerprint

Webcam Issues:
Unknown Device/USB Composite Device

Boot/Display Issues:
tx1000 display seems to not turn on
my laptop won't even turn on!
HP TX1320US not powering up .. seems dead..

Shutting Down:
TX1000 shutting down

Pending Lawsuit Info re the Pavilion Line (I know this is for the DV line but the problems sound eerily similar. (Updated thanks to user Bernok)

Some users have also started an online petition for HP to acknowledge the defect.