HP Envy XS Digitizer Question... Wacom or N-trig or...?

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    Default HP Envy X2 Digitizer Question... Wacom or N-trig or...?

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a Windows 8 tablet which will replace my iPad 2 for business work.

    But I want to have a digitizer to use handwriting / inking for input.
    I am looking into three devices:
    - Samsung Ativ Smart PC
    - Asus Vivo Tab
    - HP Envy X2

    The Ativ Smart PC comes with the S-Pen which is a Wacom digitizer.
    Stylus input was great, but the docking keyboard was too plastic and has now additional battery.
    I sent the device back,

    Now I have two options left, after I had a testdrive with Samsungs Ativ Smart PC.
    The Asus and the HP both have metallic bodies and no plastic.
    I think the Asus is a little thinner and lighter.
    Both come with additional battery in the keyboard docking.

    So the race is very close.

    Speaking of stylus input, it seems that the Asus will take over the HP.
    The Asus is marketing the Wacom stylus as one of the key factors to choose the product.
    The pen is part of the standard box.

    When I look at HP Envy X2 it is hard to find any info on the stylus at all.
    I downloaded the manual and there is one page that shows the optional stylus.
    It is a stylus that need a battery... so it reminds me of my old HP Slate 500 stylus which came from N-trig.
    And as the Envy is one of the HP Slate's successors, I think it is the same brand.
    Biút nowhere is the stylus on the HP website to be found.

    So I think Asus will win the race, though I like the Envy a lot.

    If someone could provide accurate information on the digitizer situation with tne Envy I would be very happy.

    Best regards,
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    Default Re: HP Envy XS Digitizer Question... Wacom or N-trig or...?

    The Envy X2 has an Atmel digitizer for touch and pen input. The device is going to use the "HP Executive Atmel Pen" which is also going to be used on the Elitepad 900 and (likely) the Elitebook Revolve as well. However, the pen is not yet available on the HP website. I am guessing that it will not be introduced until the Elitepad 900 is on the market sometime in January 2013.

    The performance of the Atmel digitizer in everyday usage and art with the pen is a big unknown. For touch the performance will probably be very good because Atmel is big in smartphone use and Asus touch only tablets (Ee Transformer).

    So, in short, pen input on the Envy X2 is still an unknown.
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