What tablets to use for POS??

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    Default What tablets to use for POS??

    I need to find a tablet PC to be used outdoors for Point of Sale operations. It needs to be smaller (10.1" screen - handhelds are too small) and environmentally tough. I've looked at the Panasonic MDWD which would be perfect except for the "one unit per host PC" limitations. A built in bar code scanner would be the icing on the cake!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated??

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    Default Re: What tablets to use for POS??

    Panasonic makes a toughbook line of tablets too, but they're larger. You probably want a small slate...I'd take a hard look at the Fujitsu ST5020 with the outsdoor screen option. It's 10.4", about what you want, and in a sturdy design, though not rugged.




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