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  1. DRTigerlilly
  2. sonichedgehog360
    New forum:
  3. JoeS
  4. thornuk
    Trying to resurrect an antique Acer Travelmate C204TMi
  5. dellaster
    Snowbirding in SW Arizona
  6. dellaster
    Campground Hosting at a National Park
  7. dellaster
    Wintering in SW Arizona
  8. takki
    takki dstrauss
    I have mine running into a hub, but to save on space and clutter, I'd love to just go direct from the GB12 into the monitor via the monitors USB-C port (the monitor has a USB hub in it so I could connect my keyboard and mouse to it and then hopefully they will be able to control the GB12 via the connected USB-C.
  9. Waseem Alkurdi
    Waseem Alkurdi
    Poking the living lights out of some tablet PC's face!
  10. YVerloc
    YVerloc stoneseeker
    Stoney! Saw you over at the Photoshop thread! Nice to see a another concept artist weighing in.
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    2. stoneseeker
      hell yea, saw you there too and liked your comment. Fight the good fight!
      Nov 4, 2020