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  1. dellaster
    Campground Hosting at a National Park
  2. dellaster
    Wintering in SW Arizona
  3. takki
    takki dstrauss
    I have mine running into a hub, but to save on space and clutter, I'd love to just go direct from the GB12 into the monitor via the monitors USB-C port (the monitor has a USB hub in it so I could connect my keyboard and mouse to it and then hopefully they will be able to control the GB12 via the connected USB-C.
  4. Waseem Alkurdi
    Waseem Alkurdi
    Poking the living lights out of some tablet PC's face!
  5. YVerloc
    YVerloc stoneseeker
    Stoney! Saw you over at the Photoshop thread! Nice to see a another concept artist weighing in.
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    2. stoneseeker
      hell yea, saw you there too and liked your comment. Fight the good fight!
      Nov 4, 2020
  6. stoneseeker
    Proud new owner of a previously loved HP ZBook X2!
  7. dellaster
    Motorcycle Camping/Touring
  8. Bishop
    Haley v. United States
  9. Pur24k100
    Pur24k100 rench
    Same issue... I cannot boot from my lenovo recovery usb with thinkpad tablet 2. It says recovery failed. My email is Or Can you please help me out. I've tried to change boot order and disable secure boot as well. Not working :(. Thanks sooooooo much!!
  10. WuffWuff
    My tablet pc history: IBM X40 Tablet, IBM X41 Tablet, Toshiba M780, HP 2760P, HP TX2, Fujitsu T734, Fujitsu T902, Samsung XE700T1A,