Windows 8 - EP121 Drivers

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    Default Windows 8 - EP121 Drivers

    What are all the Windows 8 x64 drivers and SW needed for the EP121?

    I read in another thread that I can't find now in this forum (IE9 doesn't not like the advertising on this site) that once the BIOS was updated to 701 (mine was updated to 704 by ASUS after my attempt to update to 701 bricked the EP121) that Windows Update would automatically update these drivers.

    e.g. Bluetooth was detected and automatically updated but how about:

    a. the Gyroscope thingy
    b. the Wacom Pen drivers
    c. The ASUS 'special software'

    I've looked on the ASUS support sight and the only thing new since Windows 8 is the BIOS.

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    Default Re: Windows 8 - EP121 Drivers

    Your answers can be found here:

    [drivers] Windows 8



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